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In today’s high-touch air, healthy family is essential to well-planned success.

‘DHARA’ is a leading brand in domestic flour mills, market in India since 1965. ‘DHARA’ is the most essential home appliance for your entire families health. According to experts, the proteins and vitamins contents of any grain is destroyed by friction created between two stone of traditional flour mill. ‘DHARA’ uses state of the art stoneless technology to make flour from grains without crushing grains. Grains are collided with each other and surface of the mill and converted in to flour. Hence, it preserves the vitamins and nutrition.

Also, according to IS specification 1155 grounded flour remains semi warm which in turn leads to germ free flour. Hence, ‘DHARA’ is the best choice for healthy family.

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Always working to provide best products to our customers.
We are willing to provide the best services to our customers.

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Our aim is to be the world leader in the manufacturing of Domestic Flour Mill Brand and to become the best service provider with customer satisfaction through constant and continuous improvement by technology advancement.


Product quality refers to the overall characteristics, features, and performance of a product that determine its ability to meet customer expectations and requirements. It is a measure of how well a product satisfies its intended purpose and delivers value to the customer. High product quality is essential for customer satisfaction, loyalty, and the long-term success of a business.

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